Established in 1996 by Lily Nie and Joshua Zhong, the Joyous Chinese Cultural Center (JCCC) exists to provide cultural and emotional support to adopted Chinese children and to offer Chinese cultural and language education to children and adults of all backgrounds in our communities and across the country.

Through its on-campus and long-distance learning programs, JCCC strives to:

  • Create a positive and culturally relevant learning environment where Chinese language and cultural education is fun and effective.
  • Nurture a strong sense of pride in the Chinese heritage and an interest and ability to appreciate Chinese culture, language, art and history.
  • Offer a curriculum that helps build a solid foundation for future pursuit of higher-level Chinese language study.
  • Prepare children to fully embrace the tremendous opportunities that these two great nations, China and the United States, will present in the 21st century and beyond.