Would you like to attend Joyous Chinese Cultural Center classes, but live too far away? Or do you prefer to study on your own time?

Then our Distance Learning Program is meant just for you!

Mandarin Chinese is the fastest-growing world language, and it is becoming more and more important to have a familiarity with the language in order to keep up with global affairs. As a result of the overwhelming requests made by families throughout the United States, the Joyous Chinese Cultural Center curriculum has been available nationwide since 1998.

JCCC Distance Learning materials are designed for both individual and group use. The units are appropriate for children and for adults, and the materials are perfect for family use. By studying and learning together, it will be easy for families to put their new skills into use. Just imagine how fun it will be to say “Please pass the ketchup” in Chinese at the dinner table! Plus your children will love having a “code” language with which to impress their friends!

Distance Learning materials include a CD recording, which is invaluable for learning the correct pronunciations. Listening to the CDs greatly increases acquisition of Mandarin Chinese, as hearing the pronunciation and tones is vital to the study of the language.

These materials are also great for group gatherings and “Chinese Nights.” Children like learning the lessons in a group setting, increasing their opportunities for practice and support, and building a close network with other families. The Distance Learning materials provide suggestions for group activities, which children will enjoy and will find helpful for reinforcing the lessons. Some gatherings are able to invite a native Chinese speaker to participate in the lessons, which will allow children to broaden their cultural horizons and to expand upon the presented materials.

Each Distance Learning unit is based upon a theme. The units build upon each other, so we recommend that you complete the units in sequence. The units follow the plan of the Joyous Chinese Cultural Center and are formatted with four distinct weeks of activities. Of course, it is not necessary to complete the units in four weeks. Feel free to adjust to a pace that suits your own family dynamics.

Each unit contains four lessons which include:

  • Vocabulary words and phrases for the week, written in English, Chinese characters, and Pinyin (a phonetic version of Chinese meant to aid with pronunciation).
  • Pronunciation Guides, which provide assistance with Mandarin tones and Pinyin.
  • Lyrics for s song of the week, written in Pinyin and in English.
  • An art project which incorporates the theme for the unit. This art project is designed with children in mind, and can easily be adapted for various age groups and abilities. The materials include a supply list, instructions, patterns when necessary, and a picture of a completed project.
  • Enrichment activity suggestions and descriptions, designed to help you practice and reinforce the vocabulary and concepts learned in each lesson.
  • CDs containing the vocabulary words and songs for each week. The words are spoken in English and in Mandarin, and the songs are sung in Mandarin. Many families have found that by using the CD in the car on a regular basis, they are able to practice the vocabulary and songs quite often, and everyone is amazed at how quickly they build a Chinese vocabulary. This is a wonderful way for both children and adults to become accustomed to the rhythms of Chinese!

Get started today! The wonders and possibilities of Chinese language skills await!

To order Joyous Chinese Cultural Center Distance Learning Materials, please visit the JCCC's Gift Shop.