Unit 1
An introduction to many simple greetings, and the beginning of color and number words.  A great way to get started, with practical phrases that are simple to learn.  Fun songs will help you to remember and apply what you have learned.

Unit 2
About Me
This unit includes the vocabulary for many body parts, and includes a continuation of color and number words.  Easy-to-learn songs help everyone to remember the vocabulary words and to learn phrases which can accompany those words.
Unit 3
The names for many family members are learned, as well as words for more colors and numbers.  This unit includes many songs that have become school favorites.
Unit 4
A unit full of movement as the words and phrases for many, many actions are learned.  This unit applies the vocabulary acquired in the About Me unit.

Unit 5
A fun unit built around many animals.  Animals found at home, in the wild and on a farm.  Many enjoyable reinforcement activity suggestions, as well as fun-to-make art projects for several of the animals in the unit.

Unit 6
In this unit, the words for common rooms in a house, as well as furniture and some common household objects, are learned.  This unit is great for relating Chinese vocabulary to your everyday life.
Unit 7
Fruits and Vegetables
Learn the words for many fruits and vegetables, and create art projects that are good enough to eat!  Another unit that is easily incorporated into everyday life.