When I first heard about your Chinese Cultural Field Trip program, I said to myself and our school principal: This is exactly what our children need – hands-on cultural experience for our student and direct contact with native Chinese. I have to say we are so glad we come here today. It is fun and educational. We will be back for sure.

Jenny, Parent volunteer
Cimarron Elementary

I love the dumplings. I just love everything here!

Amy, 1st Grader
Highline Elementary School

China is arising and will play an increasingly important role in the world economically and politically. It is every school’s responsibility to equip our students for the challenges and opportunities to come.
Gwen, Chinese Teacher
Chatfield High School.

It is so fun! Can we can again tomorrow?

Jonathan, 1st Grader
Renaissance Elementary

The Chinese Cultural field trip offered by JCCC is the most interesting and exciting field trip for our students. Our students just look forward to it every year! By the way, we have worked with JCCC for three years. Our students thoroughly enjoy Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese dance and culture, cooking and paper cutting, something we at middle school is unable to offer. This field trip has encouraged my students to appreciate the beauty of the Chinese culture as globalization continues to make the world smaller and bring different cultures closer.

Ms. Xu, Chinese Teacher
21st Century Program (middle school)
Harrison School District 2.

Our school offers country-specific cultural awareness week or courses every year, but we just feel all the textbook-based presentation and activities are kind of abstract and boring, to be honest. This has all changed since we are introduced to JCCC’s Chinese Cultural Field Trip. Everything we learned about China suddenly become so real and exciting.

Scott, Freshman
Chatfield High School